Top 10 SEO Apps for iPad

Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to get your website or blog ranked within the search engines. And if you have an Apple iPad with mobile broadband you can perform SEO tasks right through your device, from just about anywhere, using one of these top search engine marketing apps:

Google Analytics for iPad

google analytics ipad appGoogle Analytics is the premier web analyzer for blogs and other websites. If you need an app that will give you up to date stats on your blog or website, Google Analytics is the app for you. This app will give you charts and stats through reports to the iPad’s full screen mode. The standard version will give you ten data rows. If you want more, you can upgrade to the fully featured version at around 7 dollars.
Get Google Analytics through iTunes.

WordPress for iPad

wordpress ipad appDo you have a blog or website that uses the WordPress theme? WordPress For iPad is one of the best resources for changing a link or even posting a new article to your blog. If you are the kind of blogger that loves reading comments by their readers, this is an excellent app to have. This will also allow you to change keywords on a whim if the competition drops for a certain trending keyword.
Get WordPress through iTunes.

SEM Calculator

sem calculator ipad appThe SEM Calculator is essential for SEO because it allow a user to analyze every aspect of their marketing. You have the ability to work with your impressions or Cost Per Action campaigns. If you use Adsense or affiliate marketing on your blog, this calculator can give you information on what campaigns are working and what campaigns aren’t working.
Get SEM Calculator through iTunes.

Website SEO Analyser by Koozai

koozai website seo analyser ipad appThere are a lot of website analyzers on the market, but Website Analyzer by Koozia is one of the best. This app will give you all of the information about your site’s inbound links and the on page factors of your content. This is also a great app for checking the inbound links and domain information for any of your competitors.
Get Koozai through iTunes.


hootsuite ipad appHootSuite is a great app for people who use social media as backlinks for their websites or blogs. If you are using social media to promote your sites, you can use the HootSuite app to link all of your social media profiles together. This gives you a link between Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Having all of your social media profiles linked together is one of the best ways to build backlinks and get traffic to your site.
Get HootSuite through iTunes.


serps ipad appWould you like to know how your blog or website is stacking up online? SERPS gives you an easy way to check your page rank from your iPad. This is a fairly limited app, but it definitely serves its purpose when you need to know your rankings on the fly.
Get SERPS through iTunes.

Analytics HD

analytics hd ipad appThis is not a free app, but paying for it is a great way to get more detailed reports than Google Analytics will give you. Analytics HD gives you more options for charts and graphs than the standard Google Analytics. This app is also designed for the resolution output on your iPad so you will get better coloring throughout the graphs. This app is offered for 4.99 in the App Store.
Get Analytics HD through iTunes.


kindle ipad appDo you love reading ebooks about SEO, Internet marketing or the latest trends in the industry? If you had a Kindle in the past, you can transfer all of your Kindle based ebooks to your iPad with this app. Since the Kindle uses a special format, you normally would not be able to read through your Kindle based ebooks. Kindle is offered through the App Store for free through Amazon.
Get Kindle through iTunes.

Dragon Dictation

dragon dictation ipad appDo you need to post a new article to your blog or website but don’t have the time to type it out? Use Dragon Dictate to dictate the article directly to your iPad. When you first set up the app, you will need to read through a paragraph in order to allow the app to get used to your voice. The calibration will take you about 20 minutes. Once you have completed this, you will be able to dictate notes or a whole blog post using your voice. This is a free app offered through the App Store.
Get Dragon through iTunes.


dropbox ipad appDropbox is a great app for storing data on a cloud server. Cloud servers have become popular for computers, but with the implementation of mobile broadband, iPad users can now take advantage of it too. If you have been working on a post and want to access it from another computer, use DropBox. Setting up your own cloud server through the app will take you a couple minutes. Don’t confuse this for an offline backup because there is a limit to the amount of data storage you can use. This is another free mobile broadband app from the App Store.
Get Dropbox through iTunes.

What’s your favorite SEO app for the Apple iPad?


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