Optimizing Websites For Mobile Users

Smart phones are used for all sorts of communications like phone, email, messaging, and web browsing so SEO professionals started focusing on optimizing websites for mobile searches. The mobile optimization is not completely different from normal optimization. Some modifications are done in websites for good mobile searchability and the rules are slightly different with traditional desktop optimization.

Short Keywords/Key Phrase: The shorter keywords are used in mobile search engines because the searchers do not prefer to use long keywords in mobile. Local businesses can reap benefits from mobile search provided that they can optimize their website based on their location. The location based keywords like “web developers UK”; “web developers UK” helps the users to get closer to their needs.

Mobile Friendly Design: The screen in mobile is much smaller to surf so avoid flash and pop ups in the websites. Use text links and externalize all CSS. It is better to create a site map since it helps the spiders and users to navigate the site comfortably. The frames are strictly prohibited in mobile websites.

Whether Images Are Mobile Friendly: More images results in more loading time. If the loading time of the site increases then bounce rates also increase. The images should not be larger than the mobile screen. Scrolling down to see an entire image is not acceptable by users; they may get frustrated by this.

Preview: Check often how the website looks in mobile devices. Avoid transcoding because it is the main reason for the website distortion.

.Mobi Domain Benefits: The .mobi is a new top level domain similar to.com, .org. To make the website more readable the .mobi domains are preferred to be used at the same time with .com domains. When the users access the website through Smart phones, cell phones or tablets, than the .com domain is redirected to the .mobi.

Content for Mobile Websites: Make simple content for mobile websites. Long pages are not recommended by the users as they do not spend much time reading the content in mobile. The special shorter mobile websites should be designed without skipping the key details of content.

Off page Optimization: Websites can be promoted by submitting it in mobile specific search engines like Fire Fox, iPhoney, and the Opera Mini Browser and also by submitting the website in local directories. Websites can be promoted by press release submissions, article submissions, social media optimization, forum postings, blog commenting, etc.

Mobile Analytics: Mobile analytics are similar to normal web analytics. It is used to check the ranking and other important information by mobile search testing. The mobile analytics helps to get ideas for ranking better in the mobile search engines.


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