Things You Must Do for Your Off-Site SEO

As many of you may already be aware, search engine optimization can be divided into two distinct parts: on-site optimization and off-site optimization. Both are important in terms of achieving that much coveted top spot in Google that you have been yearning for your website.
This article however will be focusing on the off-site optimization part of the entire process and the different tools that you can utilize in this regard.

Quality Of Back Links

In most other circumstances it’s supposed to be the more the better, but in terms of SEO back linking you actually have to take better care of the quality of the back links that you receive more than the quantity that is coming your way. This is because Google actually gives more weight to the page rank of those sites which are linking back to you even though they may number fewer, as compared to those which are considered as weak back links coming from websites having low page ranks no matter how many they are.

Using Your Keyword As Anchor Text In The Back Links

Consistently emphasizing your keyword in your back links will drive home the point to Google and will make them understand what your site is all about. You must be careful however that the anchor texts would not look awkward in the overall flow of the article linking back to you otherwise Google will also notice this and may classify some of the links as spam as a result. It will also help if you vary your keyword a little bit every once in a while and not use the exact same keyword over and over again as this will not look natural and for which you may be penalized as well.

Be a Guest Blogger on Related Sites

This is one way for you to get noticed and will establish you as an authority on the subject of your blog. Best thing is that the site owners will usually allow you to leave credits and provide links at the bottom of your article so that readers may know how to contact you or find you. If the website where you are guest posting is well respected and has high traffic count then it would be so much better for your site as well.

Leave Comments On Relevant Blogs

Find blogs that are relevant to your site and participate and interact with the author or other readers by leaving comments to their blogs. This is another way to establish your knowledge on a subject matter which can create corresponding trickle effect of goodwill for your site.

Video-Link Baiting

This strategy can also be used for on-site optimization but it’s much more effective if you utilize it through YouTube. Users which might not have noticed you through other channels will be alerted of your site via attention-grabbing videos which you post on YouTube. Just be careful that you stick to ethical standards when you post your videos as bad taste will definitely create a backlash for you and your offered products or services. You don’t want to sacrifice content just for the sake of some short-term grab for attention which will easily wear off anyway and yet the bad taste associated with it will remain for a long time and could possibly rub off on the reputation of your site or product.


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