Is Pinterest the Next Hottest Linking Strategy?

SEO experts are flocking to Pinterest in droves. Why? According to Google trends, Pinterest has now surpassed other popular image-sharing sites like Flickr:

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that allows users to collect, share discuss and organize their favorite things on the web. Any type of inspiration can be shared in image form. From quotes, to DIY projects, fashion and anything you can imagine, Pinterest is the newest craze and it is exploding in exponential proportions.
When people “pin” an image they find on the web using Pinterest’s bookmarklet, it creates the pin with a link to the original page or to the image depending on how the user pinned it.

Below is a screenshot of some of my personal profile pinboards. Users can easily organize, categorize and move around all pins and boards.
The pins are “re-pinned”, “liked” and shared across the network of users. Users can comment on the pins and add links within the description as well.

Are you seeing the potential here? If not, keep reading…

Pinterest, with a PR6, and 16 million indexed pages, is still growing daily. Its popularity hails solely from excited users who are only permitted to join via a personal invite (the site is still in beta). The interface is different than any other social media site and its popularity most likely stems from its attractive interface, ease of sharing and social features.

Now for the really good stuff…

Pinterest, as of now, is keeping their links “dofollow”. There are three link opportunities on the Pinterest image page:

  1. The image, which is added by user
  2. The right upper corner
  3. In the pin description
The pin also comes with a custom embed code so you can syndicate it on other websites. The code includes a link to the original pin page. is using Pinterest to attract more attention to their brand. I never heard about the website until I found it on Pinterest. I noticed an attractive image which was re-pinned by one of my friends on the site and I re-pinned it on one of my boards as well.

You have the option to follow anyone’s pinboards. The pins of the people you follow show up on your personal Pinterest home page and all images are available for re-pinning. The images are constantly shared and spread like wildfire.

Only time will tell how long Pinterest will keep its links “dofollow”. I am sure once the site goes live it will change to “nofollow” similar to other social media sites, but we will not know until this happens. Until then, the site could be a fantastic opportunity for businesses to share their products and services in an entirely different way.

Local SEO Strategies

Pinterest offers many opportunities for local optimization.

Profile Setup
Use the description section to write keyword filled text about your business. Add your city name, social media accounts and website url as well. The finished profile will look something like this:

  • Create pin boards using your city name. For example, if you are marketing a restaurant in Los Angeles, you would set up a pinboard named “Los Angeles”. You can add images of the best dishes and their names along with restaurant information in the comments.
  • For internet companies without a physical location, you can also name boards after your business name or the type of product or service you sell.
  • Your images should be high-quality, interesting, and eye-catching. With Pinterest, it’s all about the “wow” factor of the images that attracts users.
  • Find other users in your area and follow them. “Like” their images and show your interest in their boards.
  • Find users who post images related to your products and services and follow them as well. Every time you follow someone they get a notification, which will prompt them to visit your pinboard page and hopefully your website. Once they start re-pinning your images, those pins are shown to all of their followers on Pinterest and so on.
If images constitute any part of your marketing strategies, whether you are an ecommerce retailer or an affiliate marketer or anyone who can use images to boost your brand, Pinterest is worth a second look.
Are you on Pinterest? If you would like an invite, post a comment below with your email address.


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