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Last week, I posted an article about Pinterest (you can read it here) and how it can be used to boost brand awareness and augment SEO link building strategies. Due to the popularity of that article, I wanted to bring you a “real life” Pinterest success story so you can see how businesses are using it.

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that allows users to “pin” images they find on the web. These images are “re-pinned”, shared and “liked” across its vast network of users. Pinterest is currently enjoying more traffic than the popular image-sharing site Flickr and it hasn’t even officially exited the Beta phase. Additionally, all links are “dofollow” as of today which is the reason why SEOs are starting to take notice.
Though Pinterest has become quite a phenomenon, I see it as an untapped resource since many website owners are unaware of its potential. So to nudge you in the direction of what could be a great marketing avenue for your business, I asked Phyllis Cheung, CEO of, a luxury lifestyle search engine for women, to share with us how she became so successful using Pinterest.

Q: Please give our readers a brief summary of your background and your website ( and why you started it.

A: I have a marketing background with a focus on the luxury wedding market.  We started our company as My Wedding Concierge, a curated wedding blog search engine.  Three years and a lot of media exposure later, we were asked all the time by women if we were planning on expanding to other domains.  We decided that this summer was the right time to rebrand and expand.  LuxeFinds was launched September 2011.

Q: When did you start using Pinterest and how long did it take to see some results?
A: I started using Pinterest in May 2011.  As a rule, I only pin from – We have over 4 million gorgeous images to pin from.  We credit all our sources – our next project is to make every link a permalink as currently, search results are dynamic.  We started seeing click throughs from Pinterest almost immediately.  Our shining moment came when they made us one of their “tastemakers”, a program they have since discontinued.  After being on that list, we were gaining between two and ten thousand followers daily.  Our pins get repinned roughly 50-75 thousand times a week!

Q: What strategies do you use on Pinterest and how much time do you invest?

A: I typically spend about 2-3 hours pinning per day and try to find around a hundred images to pin.

Q: What are some successes you have experienced as a result of using Pinterest for

A: Some successes that I’ve had because of Pinterest – 1. We’re nearing 1 Million Pageviews per month for LuxeFinds having only launched 3 months ago.  2. We are finding that pinners love our logo and are constantly pinning it.  3. Because we share the same target demographic, I love that the users from Pinterest have a very low bounce rate on LuxeFinds.  I love it when I see users from Pinterest going through over 300 page views on LuxeFinds in one session.

Q: Would you recommend our readers use Pinterest as a part of their website marketing strategies?
A: I don’t think that every business can benefit from Pinterest’s traffic.  Pinterest is a very visual website – if your business is visual, I would definitely say to go for it as the community pins everything from logos to sofas.  I believe that if you join today, you’re still an early adopter and can still build a huge following if you put the work into it.

Thank you Phyllis for providing us with your success story and some helpful strategies as well! Here is a link to the page on Pinterest where you can see all of the wonderful images Phyllis has pinned for her followers.

Pinterest is still in Beta and on an “invite only” basis. Please let us know if you would like an invite in the comments below. Happy pinning!


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