New Year’s Resolutions to Jumpstart your Online Business in 2012

It’s almost 2012! Break out the treadmills and uncork the champagne. It’s time for a new start, a fresh look and an elevated perspective for our lives and our businesses.
I have never taken New Year’s Resolutions seriously and I usually bypass the chance to motivate myself to do something greater. But this year, I am making a resolution to make a resolution! Who is with me?
If you would like to join me in ringing in the New Year with a new and fresh motivation for your business, read on…
Here are some New Year’s resolutions for 2012:

Shift Focus

It’s time to focus on priorities and eliminate what isn’t necessary. Too many times, marketers want to get their hands in everything, from article marketing, videos, podcasts, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, blogging, press releases, keyword research, online networking, offline networking, LinkedIn…can you see where I am going here?
The list is endless for what you can do to increase your profit potential. Yet, the sad truth is that the more you put on your plate, the less you will earn. Your profit is directly tied to how well YOU execute the strategies. And if YOU are pulled a thousand different ways, you will never properly execute something long enough to make it successful.


Focus on 2-3 marketing strategies first and work on them until you experience success. These strategies can then enter “maintenance mode” or be taken over by an employee.

Follow Through

For some of us, myself included, we can be somewhat “lax” in our approach to marketing our businesses. As a result, we fail to follow through with enough effort to tip the scales and see results. The beginning stages of any new venture can take quite a bit of time due to learning curves and initial setup, etc.
For example, I recently started a Facebook page for my business (I had been sitting on that one all year). I could easily stop there but I know what I need to do to make it successful. So my next step is to create a welcome page, an info product I can give away to prospects, and start an email list. This is one of my goals for 2012. I just put up a motivational calendar in my office so every day I can look at it and keep moving forward towards my goal.


Decide what you want to accomplish by the end of 2012 and work your way backwards with monthly and daily goals. Reward yourself when you complete a goal and find other ways to stay motivated.

Take a Chance

I am sure you have heard the mantra “take a chance” a million times. The statement, though a strong cliché, is one that can change your entire business climate and catapult you to a more successful future.
I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed. Michael Jordan
Fear of failure is what keeps us from taking chances on new opportunities or shying away from even looking for them. This fear can lead to a paralysis of sorts and cripple us from experiencing true success in our business.
More chances leads to more opportunities which leads to the increased chance for success. You will only truly fail if you don’t try at all.


It’s not enough to say you will take a chance in 2012. You must specifically list something you will accomplish that will push you out of your comfort zone. Write this goal down in a visible location. Next, come up with action steps (monthly and daily) that will bring you closer to that goal.
It’s Your Turn
What New Year’s resolutions will you make for 2012? Please let us know in the comments below! Let’s join together and make 2012 our most profitable year yet.
Happy New Year!


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