Why Guest Blogging Is Such A Great Link Building Strategy

Guest blogging is one the best ways of securing backlinks naturally and organically. Blogging about a subject you love or niche then providing your links is a great way of boosting your sites seo. Blogging requires a lot of research and planning so that a blogger can contribute the most relevant topics at a given time as people will only allow you to guest post if the content is of high quality.
Search engines such as Google use an algorithm that rank websites with good current content and quality inbound back links highly. Recycling old content as a guest blogger will only serve to hurt your seo efforts. Providing quality content for people as guest blogger with backlinks incorporated is an assured way of getting more of traffic to your site while increasing your position on Google.

Research & Preparation
Before you start guest blogging, stop and take a hard look at the niche you are contributing in as it is very important to look for ways of providing current interesting topics that will enrich and empower all those people reading your posts.
If people love your blog posts, be sure they will share them around by posting on blogs that have social media sharing widgets and your blog post will likely go viral at some point. Remember the blog post going viral contains your backlinks meaning lots of people will arrive to your site from different destinations with higher chances of conversions.
After finding out on possible topics or subjects to guest blog about perform a keyword research and identify which keywords are mostly used by people looking for information online. Knowing which keywords are used gives you a pretty clear idea on what subjects are currently popular. If you blog about popular subjects within the niche you blog about be sure, your blog posts will be appreciated by many.
Guest blogging usually happens in two levels i.e. first tier and second tier blogs. First tier blogs are high authority blogs with many links from highly ranked websites. While second tier blogs are popular blogs but have less links from authority websites or blogs.
Before guest blogging to garner backlinks from a blog it is important to look for the blog or website metrics on sites such as Alexa or Google page rank. You should avoid blogging in lesser quality blogs because search engines will likely frown upon backlinks generated from such a setting, therefore pushing your search engine results further down the pecking order.
Proper organization of content through linking and tagging, guarantees that your blog posts get unmatched visibility on search engines. Gaining acceptance from other bloggers depend on how you properly you organize your blog posts so that they ideally flow and drive the point home. People will appreciate your effort of making content easily legible and available. Search engines love fresh unique, original content that has relevant keywords, and is properly tagged.

So for example if you own a football shirt retail website which sells quality football shirts and you are looking to rank for this keyword and you are looking to develop some back links through guest blogging then you will need to target high quality football blogs initially. The next step is to search on the internet for terms such as football blog, football blog guest post, gust blogging soccer blog etc and then tailor an email to reach out to the blog owner.
The exchange is simple for both you and the blog owner and that is they will receive a well written piece of content for their blog and you will receive a quality relevant backlink to your football shirt retail website which will no doubt help your ranking on search engines such as Google.

Guest blogging is an awesome link building strategy so long as you seek quality authoritative blogs as spamming blogs with unrelated posts and links can hinder your seo efforts. So it is important that you should always endeavour to contribute useful content because that is the only way you will obtain high quality back links that will cause search engines like Google to take notice and consequently rank your website higher in search results


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