Overworked and Underpaid: Increase your Website Profits with Outsourcing

As your online business starts to grow, you will hit a brick wall which will keep your profits at a standstill. There are a limited number of hours in the week and only so many brain cells in your head. You can either stay stagnant, fry your brain or do something else — Outsource!
If you are new to websites and online marketing, outsourcing may seem trite, and in many cases a tight budget is understandable.
Many people view outsourcing only from one vantage point, losing money. Yes, you are spending money, but what you are gaining is TIME which is needed to bring in more profits.
Consider this scenario: You start an online business with a website, blog and a Twitter account. You spend all of your time writing blogs and articles, link building, and when you have time, occasionally posting on Twitter. How much time is left for building a list, coming up with new strategies and innovations, sending out press releases, building relationships and networking?
What you put in is what you get out. You are not a “jack of all trades”. You can’t possibly know how to do everything nor do you have the time for it. In the beginning, it will make sense to have your hands in everything, but as you grow, it’s important to consider outsourcing.
Where can you find workers?
I’ve used a few avenues for finding help, so I listed some of these websites below. If you have used any other, please feel free to share them in the comments below to help our readers.
Odesk – I use Odesk more than any other website. I like it because it takes care of all the administrative tasks of hiring workers and you can pay them directly through the interface. Odesk takes a small cut, but for what it offers, it’s worth the fee.
Tip: If you are looking for a writer, stick with Fillipino workers. Their English is superior to writers in other countries.
Elance – Elance is similar to Odesk with workers skilled in a wide variety of specialties. From personal experience, I find Elance workers charge more than those at Odesk.
Rentacoder – This site was originally created in 2001 specifically for those needing programming and design workers, but it changed its name to VWorker in 2010. The website now includes freelancers skilled in many other disciplines such as graphic artists, writers, translators, marketers, and personal assistants.
The three sites above are bidding platforms. When you post a job, you will receive bids from several freelancers. You can then interview your top picks and make your choice. Most of the workers from these sites are international which means you can find some great workers for inexpensive rates since the cost of living in these countries is much lower than the United States.
Fiverr – Fiverr is full of people who are willing to do just about anything for $5. You can actually find some decent help for small projects. I have used the site for photo re-touching and small graphic design work. Just make sure to sort people by ratings and check the comments before acquiring services.
John Jonas – John Jonas has dedicated his entire business to helping people outsource to Filipino workers. His site is a wealth of information and he also started a program that screens potential hires and includes a time management and organization platform.
If you are searching for a U.S. based worker, you can find some on the sites above; you would just need to limit your search criteria. I would also post your jobs on sites like Craigslist or Freelance Switch.
Avoid the Headaches and Learn from my Mistakes
Unfortunately, making mistakes is the best way to learn how NOT to do something. The tips below come from personal experience and they can help you avoid the common mistakes people make when outsourcing workers.
Separate the Emotion – When hiring workers, separate how you “feel” about someone when making a decision. It’s easy to start talking to these people and develop connections. Remain professional. Review the worker’s ratings, employer comments and past work to influence your choice.
Clear Objectives – Your job description and timeline MUST be clear before you start hiring. It should include:
  • The general scope of the project
  • What is expected (Objectives, final result, etc.)
  • Be overly specific (Imagine you are writing to a 4th grader)
  • Deadlines
  • Request examples of work
  • List traits (good communication, ability to chat via IM or Skype)
Sub-contracting – Some freelancers sub-contract their work to other workers which may land you some poor quality work. Ensure that you are dealing with the person who will be doing the actual job.
Test Project – If there are a few workers I deem favorable, I ask each one to complete an identical paid test project. I choose based on attention to deadlines, communication and overall quality of work.
Treat them Well – I have always treated my workers very well by rewarding them with bonuses or providing positive feedback when applicable. I get so much more out of them when they know their work is appreciated.
Have you outsourced any of your tasks? Please let us know your experiences.


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