New Survey From Google Gives Insight to Personality Traits of Mobile Users

A recent study of smartphone users published by Google showed that mobile users maintain a more applied approach to searching than desktop users.  Where users might leisurely browse for information on their desktop, they are more apt to take action immediately with their smartphone.

In fact, nine out of 10 mobile users take action after a smartphone search.  This action includes everything from making a purchase to visiting a business, almost 90 percent of the time within a day of the search.  This high action rate ties into the fact that 95 percent of users use their smartphone to find local information.  Whether checking inventory while in a store, researching prices, or looking for coupons, they are searching for practical, real-time information that they can use immediately.

It seems that mobile users embark on searches to quickly discover answers to immediate needs. Quick access to valuable mobile content allows smartphone users to plan on the go, which enhances consumer freedom and the ability to adapt quickly to an ever-changing marketplace.  Google says that smartphones are becoming an indispensable shopping tool in the research and decision-making process and indicate a new breed of savvy purchasers that it calls “the new smartphone consumer.”

Not only are mobile users action-oriented, they are also multi-taskers.  More than 70% of those surveyed use their smartphones while consuming other media, like watching television and reading the paper.  Of course, smartphones are set up for multi-tasking, allowing users to browse the Internet, use an app and watch videos while making dinner or waiting in a doctor’s office.

The multi-media nature of the smartphone, which is appreciated by multi-taskers, may be extra challenging for advertisers yearning to capture the attention of a smartphone user. The survey showed that 82 percent of smartphone users “notice mobile ads,” but awareness does not guarantee action.

Regardless of your plans for venturing into mobile apps or advertising, the study clearly indicates the importance of having a good mobile presence for your business.  Consumers regularly use their mobile phones to find information and take action.  The easier you make it for mobile customers to reach you, the better chance you have for being a part of their research and purchase decisions.


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