Exploring Some Great Alternatives to AdSense

For so many years the contextual advertising sun rose and set with Google AdSense. The climate has changed, though, as now internet marketers are abandoning (or being banned from) and looking for alternatives to AdSense. Whether you’re an AdSense user or not, you should always be aware of your options. The simple reason is there are ad networks out there that pay more than AdSense and are less iron-handed in the way they deal with people. Google hasn’t exactly treated internet marketers in a benevolent manner lately, so there’s naturally a demand for new choices. We’ll do our best to introduce you to some effective ways to monetize your site, both using contextual ads and also other, less familiar approaches.
One of the more commonly seen alternatives to AdSense is Bidvertiser. Quite a few website owners like the many options offered by this advertising platform. For example, with ad formatting you can elect the option to design your own formats. In other words, you can decide the size and look of the text ads that will appear. One possible word of caution though concerns familiarity. The typical look of Google’s AdSense ads are so common online that everyone knows them well. So you may see some kind of adverse impact on your conversions if you choose to design your own ads. But the only way to find out is to join and test..
You now have lots of companies and advertising models competing for your business. That is what you will find with Pocket Cents, and this business model is that of a click banner ad provider. You’re probably used to contextual advertising, but banners that are mainly locally focused can be a good alternative for some websites. You may want to try these on some of your sites. With this company, you receive a flat rate on the clicks you get, which takes away some of the mystery you have when it comes to the payouts. There are a number of sites who receive impressive revenues from the clicks they receive from Pocket Cents, so you may want to give it a try.
Affiliate networks are another AdSense alternative, and one that has a very large number of affiliate programs that can be promoted is ClixGalore. Almost any type of product or service you can name or imagine is sold through affiliate programs.
Everyone from the largest companies, such as Amazon, to individual digital product creators, now have affiliate programs to promote their products. That’s why companies such as ClixGalore, as well as others, have a growing number of affiliate opportunities that can be promoted. ClixGalore has an impressive set of tools that let you build promotional pages for the affiliate offers you’re promoting. This enables you to promote products in your own style.
The alternatives to AdSense are truly exciting when you take the time to analyze all that has been developed in recent years. When it comes to finding ads that are a close match to the content on your site, several advertising networks have gotten very sophisticated. Online businesses can now monetize their sites using a wide array of tools and approaches.


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